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Computer Studies: Information for parents/guardians

Parents have an important role to play in supporting student learning. Studies show that students perform better in school if their parents are involved in their education. By becoming familiar with the curriculum, parents can determine what is being taught in the courses their daughters and sons are taking and what they are expected to learn. This awareness will enhance parents’ ability to discuss their children’s work with them, to communicate with teachers, and to ask relevant questions about their children’s progress. Knowledge of the expectations in the various courses will also help parents to interpret teachers’ comments on student progress and to work with teachers to improve their children’s learning.—Computer Studies: The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 10 to 12, 2008.

How you can help your child/ward

This is a skills-based course. Each unit that we study depends on the mastery of the skills taught in the preceding units. Without a steady, disciplined approach, it’s hard for students to be successful in this course. You can help your child/ward achieve success by

We look forward to working with you and your child/ward for a successful semester.—M. Arkin, L. Keras, X. Xie > Education Commons

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