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Hosting Your Website on Google Drive

Prepare your website directory

  1. ensure that the “landing page” for your website is in the root of your website directory and has this exact name: index.html

Share your website directory

  1. access your Google Drive
  2. upload your website directory
  3. in your Google Drive, select your website directory by single-clicking
  4. click the Share button near the top of the page
    Google Drive share button
  5. in the dialogue box which opens, click Advanced in the bottom-right corner
  6. click Change…
  7. in the section labelled “Who has access,” click Change… and choose On - Public on the web
  8. click Save
  9. before closing the dialogue box, copy the “Link to share”
  10. click Done

Construct your website’s URL

  1. in any text editor, paste the link copied in the earlier step
  2. copy the long string of characters in the link which follows “id=” and which precedes “&usp=…”
    • for example: 0B_crFXit9FjaREc1S2FtM2ZQWWM
  3. the long string which you just copied is your folder ID
  4. the public link to your website will consist of the following URL plus your folder ID:
    • for example:
  5. share the public link which you just constructed with everyone you’d like to visit your site


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