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Assignments & Exercises

  1. Arrays
  2. Basics
  3. Course Information System
  4. Documentation
  5. Input/Output
  6. Language translators
  7. Linked lists
  8. Nodes
  9. Panther Pantry
  10. Repetition
  11. Searching
  12. Selection
  13. Web Log Project
  14. Zoo Project

Course Information System

  1. description
  2. markscheme

Language translators

  1. Define syntax and semantics.
  2. Describe the function of high-level language translators: interpreters and compilers.
  3. Outline the use of software development tools. Examples include database management systems, macros, CASE tools and simple language translators, HTML and webpage editors, code editors, and visual IDEs.


  1. Read about the equals method.
  2. Examine the Node class documentation. Modify your Node class (or create a new version) which complies with the documentation.
  3. Run the NodeTester and NodeEquivalenceTester against your Node class. Revise your class as necessary to gain compliance with the model output.
  4. Submit a printed copy of your (revised) Node class complete with Javadoc comments.

Panther Pantry

Problem Decomposition. An Order reads Items from a file, one Item per line, and produces a receipt sorted and subtotalled by department. Write a series of increasingly sophisticated programs which solves this problem:

  1. Read raw data from tokenized file and write Item data (not with toString) to a data file.
  2. Read the data file into an array of Items.
  3. Sort the array.
  4. Process the array, subtotalling as the department changes.
  5. Produce receipt.

Web Log Project

  1. description
  2. LogEntry tester

Zoo Project

  1. description
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