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Marking Scheme

Analysis (16)
maximum 200 words for historical selection1
maximum 200 words for contemporary equivalent1
flawless Canadian spelling2
flawless grammar2
quality of comparison and contrast 10
Academic honesty (10)
correct use of inline citations2
comprehensive use of inline citations2
correct APA reference section2
complete APA reference section2
photo credits in prescribed format2
Images (9)
appropriate historical image2
appropriate contemporary image2
images have identical size2
image elements specify local sources1
image elements specify actual width and height1
image elements have appropriate alternative text1
Webpage design (20)
HTML valid2
HTML properly indented2
headings at correct level2
CSS valid2
CSS properly indented2
formatting only w/CSS2
adherence to the word-processing guidelines2
images appropriately positioned2
page design appropriate and effective4
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