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Week-1 Checklist

Review with parent/guardian

Acceptable Use Policy
Evaluation Policy
Course information, including Introduction, Information for parent/guardians, and Information for students, for ICS2O, ICS3U, or ICS4U.
The fact that homework is assigned every day.

Computer tasks at home

Join the class wiki sponsored by your teacher: Mr. Arkin or Ms. Keras. Be sure to validate your e-mail address, or you won't receive notice of your approval.
Watch the Wikis in Plain English video at the bottom of the How to Join page of our class wiki.
Sign-up for a Dropbox and install the application.
Implement the back-up strategy.
Download and install Notepad++ (for Windows) or TextWrangler (for Mac OS).
Download and install Chrome or Firefox.
Download and install Check My Links (for Chrome) or LinkChecker (for Firefox).
ICS2O: download and install Turing 4.1 for Windows (if appropriate).
ICS2O: download Introduction to Programming in Turing by JNP Hume.
ICS3U/4U: download the BlueJ installer and Java Development Kit appropriate for your computer.
ICS3U/4U: follow the instructions for downloading and replacing BlueJ templates.


parent/guardian: 201___-_____-_____
(date: yyyy-mm-dd)
student name
& signature:
(date: yyyy-mm-dd)

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