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Working with your quadmates, and inspired by the film, identify an idea, technology, person, or event related to information and communication technology (ICT). Select a set of questions with which you can develop a theme; identify that theme; and prepare a website—nicely coded, validated, written, and illustrated—which uses your answers to those questions to develop your theme.

Ensure that each quadmate’s name appears on the site and that all research material is properly credited. Each member of the quad should post her/his own copy of the site.


  1. ASCII
  2. Bletchley Park
  3. code
  4. code-breaking
  5. code-making
  6. encryption
  7. Enigma machine
  8. Morse Code
  9. official history
  10. official secrets
  11. PGP
  12. SFTP
  13. telegraph
  14. teleprinter
  15. the first modern computer
  16. Unicode

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