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Evaluation Policy

  1. Student success is greatly enhanced by good attendance, good behaviour, and class participation.
  2. You are expected to write all evaluations. If you know that you will be absent when an evaluation is scheduled, make other arrangements with your teacher.
  3. If an unexpected situation forces you to be absent on the day of an evaluation:
    1. before 08h30, leave a Wikispaces e-mail message for Mr. Arkin, or a telephone message for Ms. Keras or Ms. Xie
    2. on the first day back, present to your teacher a note from your parent/guardian
  4. Failure to take any of the steps listed above may result in a mark of zero.
  5. After the final exam has been written, the most consistent and most recent scores will be considered.
  6. Cheating—the attempt to gain or supply an improper advantage in an academic evaluation—will result in a mark of zero for every student involved. > Education Commons

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