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  1. arrange desks in 5 rows (across) of 6 desks (deep) facing the Computing Clubhouse
  2. clear your desks of everything except your blue pens and your Silent Reading material
  3. write only in blue ink
  4. when instructed to begin
    • write the date, your name, your roll number
    • quickly scan the questions to get a sense of the test
  5. answer the questions in the order which makes sense for you
  6. pay attention to the marking scheme; in general, you’re allotted 1 minute per mark
  7. if you need more space for any answer, indicate clearly where your answer continues (normally, this is on the back)
  8. if you finish early, submit your quiz/test face up and read silently at your desk
  9. during the test period, communication with other students in any form is considered cheating

Cheating: Any action which confers an unfair advantage on a student. > Education Commons

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