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Getting Help

The best place to get help with your school work is in class, but sometimes you don't realize that you need help until the period’s over. So what to do?

Here are some suggestions for obtaining help outside of class time:

  1. Classmates: Visit, telephone, e-mail, text, or IM specific classmates whom you know to be conscientious students.
  2. Discussion forum: Use the discussion forum on the main page of our class wiki, or—if there’s a wiki page which is related to your concern—on that related page. You can access the discussion forum by following the link identified by a conversation bubble. If you’re creating a new topic, rather than posting to an existing topic, be sure to choose a descriptive subject. For example: choose the specific “Problems with Turing for-loops” rather than the general “Turing problem.”
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  3. Teacher: If you’ve tried without success the solutions above, and if the problem can’t—or shouldn’t—wait until the next day, e-mail your teacher through the prescribed account. For example, Mr. Arkin accepts student e-mail messages through his Wikispaces account.
  4. Teacher redux: Teachers offers extra help at different times of the school day. For example, Mr. Arkin offers help virtually every morning from 08h00 onwards, and most lunch periods. > Education Commons

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