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Learning for the 21st Century

… key to graduating students who will be well educated and well prepared to solve the problems they will need to address as citizens in the future:

  1. Conduct a fluent conversation in a foreign language about a piece of writing in that language.
  2. Write a cogent and persuasive opinion piece on a matter of public importance.
  3. Declaim with passion and from memory a passage that is meaningful—of one’s own or from the culture’s literature or history.
  4. Produce or perform a work of art.
  5. Construct and program a robot capable of performing a difficult physical task.
  6. Exercise leadership.
  7. Using statistics, assess whether or not a statement by a public figure is demonstrably true.
  8. Assess media coverage of a global event from various cultural/national perspectives.
  9. Describe a breakthrough for a team on which you served and to which you contributed to overcoming a human-created obstacle so that the team could succeed in its task.
  10. Demonstrate a commitment to creating a more sustainable future with means that are scalable.

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