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Test & Exam Prep

To be effective, test/exam prep has to be more than just “looking over” your notes. It has to be an active process of review, revision, practice, and anticipation.

Review: Re-read your notes, handouts, assignments, and other class materials. Make new notes summarizing the important concepts, terms, skills, and knowledge. Ask yourself: Is anything unclear? Is anything missing? What are the connections amongst the important ideas? And make sure you get answers!

Revision: Reorganize and rewrite your notes so that they’re clear, straightforward, and complete.

Practice: Redo assignments and exercises which involve the most important concepts, terms, skills, and knowledge. Find other practice work in textbooks, reference books, and online.

Anticipation: Think about the kinds of questions which have been asked on past quizzes and tests and try to anticipate the kinds of questions which may be asked on the upcoming test. Write (and share with other students!) your own questions and create a mock test using some of them. Then write the test under realistic conditions: in a quiet room, without distractions, for a fixed period of time. Create a mock test complete with model answers, then trade with other students.

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